Bluetooth Temperature Sensor (with External Probe)


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The Temperature Sensor with Probe will continuously monitor temperature readings from the probe. Data is transmitted to Sensor Gateways via Bluetooth. Customizable alerts notify you if anything goes out of range. The probe can be paired with thermal buffers for product simulation.

This sensor can help solve Bluetooth connectivity issues by placing the sensor outside the unit and feeding the wire and probe through an opening. (Consult a technician before drilling into coolers or freezers.)

**This product is not food safety rated for direct food contact. It does not monitor humidity.**

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 176°F (Wire & Probe) and -13°F to 140°F (Plastic Sensor Case)
  • Cable length is about 16.4 ft
  • Wire and probe are waterproof
  • Includes two zip ties and one 3M adhesive for installation
  • Must be in range of a Bluetooth Sensor Gateway to work - Please make sure to purchase a Bluetooth Sensor Gateway as well.

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