Mission & Values

Love Work. Live Life.™

Our mission is to empower everyone to love work and live life.

Life is too short to not love your work. Life is too short to not live a fulfilled life. At Jolt, we have built a product and culture that lets you be successful at both.

Our Values

Take Care of the Customer

We created Jolt to help our customers love their work and live their lives. In that spirit, we believe every department at Jolt is “Customer Success.”

Do It Right

The right way is not always easy, but it results in a better product and happier customers. There are no shortcuts on the road to greatness.

Focus and Finish

Our big ambitions dictate that we finish what we start. For that reason, we prioritize our work, then focus and finish our way down the list.

Win Through Merit

We’re determined to build a product that wins through merit. We believe true value stands on its own, and the best ideas will win.

Do More With Less

We are not out to break your bank so we can fill ours. To keep our prices low, we operate as efficiently and frugally as possible.

Down to Earth

We place the success of our mission above our personal ego or financial gain. To achieve our goals, we must stay humble.

Stay In Sync

Communication is key to working as one team. When expectations are clearly communicated, goals are achieved together.

Our Story

Our Founder, Josh Bird, turned the challenges he faced as a franchisee owner into a solution used by thousands of global restaurants, brands, and businesses. 

On New Years Day 2010, Josh faced his biggest challenge yet: a broken freezer unit with over $10,000 of food stock ruined in just a few hours.

This was the last straw in a series of hurdles he experienced while trying to run his small business. Josh knew other franchisees—especially restaurant groups and multi-location owners—were experiencing the same problems he faced.

Josh got to work creating software that could improve employee accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance in his store. The result is Jolt Software, a technology specifically designed to execute operations for restaurants, retail stores, entertainment venues, and deskless businesses of all kinds.