Only Jolt Gives Individual User Logins for McDonald’s New Digital Food Safety Initiative

by | 24-Oct-2022


Knowing who completed your store’s food safety is key.

Jolt Digital Food Safety and Shift Management allows you to track who’s done what — and when.

Below, we break down why individual accountability matters for McDonald’s stores in 2020, and how Jolt can help you achieve it.


Switching to Digital Food Safety

Moving from paper to Digital Food Safety will help your team build better habits when it comes to doing temperature logs.

Digital Food Safety ensures temperatures are not falsified, and are done at the right times. DFS also gives management access from anywhere to see that food safety checklists have been completed in their stores.

But what’s even more useful for management to know is which employee is completing these temperature checks.

Without individual employee logins, you’re simply trusting an employee signature—just like you did with paper.


Why Individual Accountability Matters

Specific roles have been trained for Digital Food Safety at McDonald’s.

While Digital Food Safety makes temperature logs easier to complete, it’s still important that the right employees are executing these critical tasks.

In your McDonald’s stores, you want to be sure that employees completing food safety are accountable for their work.

This is especially true if you’re the General Manager or Owner/Operator of multiple McDonald’s locations.

Knowing who’s doing what will help management ensure brand standards are being met every day, in every store.

When there’s a food safety failure, or simple a corrective action that needs to be taken, you’ll want to know which employee to address—not bring the concerns to your entire staff.

Knowing which employee completed which task is key, and only Jolt permits individual user logins for McDonald’s food safety and shift management.


Jolt Gives Employees Recognition

Knowing who’s doing what isn’t just useful for correcting behavior. It’s also helpful for your management team when it comes to providing employee recognition.

Running a store with successful employees is about specific recognition.

“Amber, great job getting the soda station restocked and temp logs done. You’re rocking it this morning.”

This is much better than generic praise, which can come off as insincere.

With Jolt’s individual user logins, you’ll be able to acknowledge and reward individual staff members in the specific ways they contribute to the success of your store.

Jolt supports both Digital Food Safety and Shift Management that allows you to track who’s done what and when.


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