How Digital Scheduling Improves Employee Performance

by | 24-Oct-2022

If you haven’t worked inside a restaurant firsthand, it’s likely you’ve seen one that was understaffed.

Things are a bit erratic.

Employees are walking by at an uncomfortable pace, and the host is making polite excuses like, “We’re missing a couple people today,” or, “I apologize. She’s new.”

The whole vibe of the restaurant changes from customer-centric to “get it done.”

Instances like these are directly tied to a restaurant’s scheduling practices.

Simply put, when your scheduling isn’t reliable, neither is your customer experience. Employees are less friendly, and orders are less accurate.

Digital scheduling solves these issues in both the immediate, and long term.


Digital Scheduling Solves Issues In Real-Time

You’ll notice top performing restaurant brands are reliably well staffed.

A restaurant with reliable, digital scheduling will have higher performing employees simply because there will be fewer mix-ups on the schedule.

Digital scheduling allows you to address scheduling issues in real time, so your store is more consistent when it comes to staffing.

By giving all your employees access to the schedule on a mobile app, they can swap shifts, release shifts, or request time off on their phone.

Digital scheduling also gives managers visibility, so they can instantly approve or deny requests as they come in.

Jolt digital scheduling helps you run a smoother restaurant by solving issues in real time.


Better Scheduling Means Friendly Employees

Ensuring your stores are well staffed helps employees be friendlier, as they’re focused on the customer.

Having a complete team in every store means any customer, visiting any one of your stores, will have a consistent experience.

They’ll encounter friendly employees working together efficiently, but in a pleasant, relaxed manner.

They’ll hear things like, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” or, “My pleasure.”

They’ll see top-performing employees in action.

Not only will this manifest through exceptional customer experiences, but it will help drive revenue per store through return visits and new customers.

Consistent, digital scheduling practices do more than handle immediate issues. They help ensure friendly employees for long term growth.


Digital Scheduling Improves Order Accuracy

The relaxed, confident atmosphere of a well-staffed store is not just friendly—it’s accurate.

A complete team at each store means roles are clear for each employee.

This ensures the processes you’ve put in place are being executed properly, and by the right employees.

Front of house staff are focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, while back of house employees are concentrating on accurate orders.

Again, you’ll notice well-staffed restaurants are both friendly and accurate, while understaffed stores are doing damage control on inaccurate orders.

Not only does digital scheduling make for a friendlier staff, but you’ll curb food waste by ensuring orders are done right the first time.


Jolt Provides a Competitive Edge

When it comes to efficiency, preferences don’t matter. By adopting Jolt digital scheduling, you’ll have an efficiency advantage over all those still relying on manual processes.

You’ll offer a more consistent customer experience, with friendlier employees and more accurate orders.

In short, digital scheduling gives you the employee performance that ultimately offers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Employee performance is one of three solutions offered from Jolt Software. Each solution is aimed at helping you master the 7 Pillars of Restaurant Success.

If you’d like to learn exactly how Jolt Software can help your restaurant succeed, request a free, personalized demo here.