Jolt Validates Impact of Operations Execution Software as Customers Achieve Milestone of 1 Billion Tasks Completed

Workers using Jolt Software have completed over 1 Billion tasks as its
global customer base grows in restaurant, retail, and hospitality.


Silicon Slopes, Utah (September 24, 2019) Jolt Software Inc. – Jolt, the leading operations execution software for restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses, announced a milestone today of 1 Billion tasks completed using their software. These tasks were completed by Jolt customers across the globe.

“This is a huge milestone that we’re celebrating: 1 billion positive actions of employee accountability,” said Josh Bird, CEO of Jolt, “and 1 billion times managers and owners could see that accountability in Jolt.”

“Holding employees accountable for their work is still one of the biggest challenges facing owners and managers today,” said Josh Bird, “and Jolt is the solution.

A former Baskin-Robbins franchisee, Josh needed a way to improve accountability, employee performance, and food safety in his store. That’s when he conceptualized Jolt Software, a solution to change the way restaurants and other stores operate day-to-day.

Jolt helps businesses achieve execution on repeatable tasks for hourly employees by moving them from paper checklists to digital checklists.

"When you measure accountability with Jolt, you get to watch it improve," says Tyler Slater, CTO of Jolt. "Jolt gives management the data to make informed decisions about their business, and know directly where to spend their time and energy."

Burke Alder, VP of Marketing at Jolt, describes the growing need for Operations Execution Software for businesses in the service industry.

“Everyone knows their store needs a P.O.S. system, but to achieve exceptional employee and customer experiences, you’ll need to adopt Operations Execution Software. Jolt is proving to be the differentiator when it comes to long-term revenue growth and return on investment for restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses.”

Industry leaders like Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Love’s Travel Stops are using Jolt Software to improve accountability, digital food safety, and employee performance in their stores.

“We have made employee accountability fun and refreshing for employees, managers, and owners,” says Josh Bird. “Thousands of businesses around the world have caught on to Jolt, and are enjoying the fruits of productive and engaged employees. When employees perform the right actions at the right times, they drive exceptional customer experiences—which brings more customers and more revenue.”

“Ultimately, we want to help deskless workers love their work, and live their life," says CJ Lewis, COO of Jolt. "That’s our mission at Jolt, and we’ll continue to grow as long as that mission is front and center.”


About Jolt

Jolt is operations execution software available on smartphones and tablets that helps restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance. Jolt is used by companies like Burger King, Jimmy John’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Legoland, Marriott, Chevron, Cinemark, and thousands of other global brands.

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